Emerald Eyes


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20 Responses to Emerald Eyes

  1. ooggetuige says:

    If you like this photograph, please do share it on your social media!



  2. bmyshot says:

    The light in this photo is amazing! Very goodd attention to details.

  3. abirami says:

    wow this is so lovely…. i like all your portraits.. you have a great talent !

  4. Kiyara says:

    great picture..is this photoshoped? no offence i m just curious to know if pics can look great without much editing…

  5. girlseule says:

    Very striking image!

  6. Tienny says:

    I really love her eyes :-)


  7. namesi says:

    this is a beautiful shot.

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  9. Creativ(e) Photography - Made in Germany says:

    I like the photo and i shared on facebook. It`s really good work !

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