Lady with Letter


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17 Responses to Lady with Letter

  1. This is a really interesting portrait, love how it’s kind of a modern twist on Vermeer I’m a big fan of Vermeer, he’s one of my favourite artists, he uses light so well! 😀

  2. I wonder what the letter says…nice portrait.

  3. nodimlight says:

    Oh – now this is beautiful! Her face has an expression which reminds me of the Mona Lisa. She is telling, but without telling. The shadows fall beautifully, and I love the emphasis on the pearls and letter. Very nice!

  4. The photographer that plays with the light as you, ripeted the exercise that Vermeer completed, with colors and brushes, in a sublime way.

  5. desfischersseele says:

    A really expressive image. The woman’s gaze, the mood of the light. You find yourself asking what is probably in the letter. Very good, I like the bright reflections which conjure up the bracelet in the picture. I really like the picture.

  6. A really stunning photograph. I’m curious about the lighting. It appears that the lighting was from the window – was this natural or did you set up the lighting? The bottom of the letter seems to be brighter than the top. Which would lead me to believe there was an additional lighting source. Yes – No?

    • ooggetuige says:

      Thank you for kind comment. The photo was made with all natural lighting. However there was some post-production, but
      not that much.



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