Which one would you pick? Left or Right

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40 Responses to Which one would you pick? Left or Right

  1. ooggetuige says:

    Right or Left?

    Dear Friends,

    May I just borrow a minute of your time? I am in some quick need of marketing research!

    Please bear in mind to following.

    1. You are the client and you need to hire a attorney to act upon your behalf.

    2. The only available information are these two photographs.

    Would you hire the gentleman on the left or on the right?

    Please leave a message with either “left” or “right”.



  2. benrowef64 says:

    I would choose the image on the left, although he looks stern, he also looks professional. The image on the right the man doesn’t look trusting, his smile feels fake . Of course Just my opinion.

  3. yarrpirate says:

    The one on the right..

  4. richardhaas8 says:

    Left………same reason as Ben

  5. Mummy Em says:

    Left – the one on the right looks too casual and friendly. The one on the left looks approachable but professional.

  6. JennyO says:

    Left, professional and confident yet a smile that says you will have good interaction with a personable individual.

  7. Nanda says:

    Right. I want my lawyer to have a sense of humour, to be emphatic and to be different from the pack. The suit says he’s professional, the smile says he’s only part lawyer and mostly human 😉

  8. N Filbert says:

    right. smirky left poseur look like ALL professional business photographs, right is humane and distinguishable

  9. Left by a long shot!

  10. Alastair says:

    Left – I agree with JennyO. The one on the left has a little more depth of colour which I think warms him and his little smile up a bit.

  11. Tienny says:

    I would prefer right due to his smile 🙂


  13. Left. The image itself makes the man. Well composed, reflecting the image you want to portray of the person. The image on the right is a bit soft (fuzzy) and too close to the viewer. The background also adds to the confusion.

  14. RDoug says:

    Left side is my attorney; right side is the guy with whom I’d like to have a beer.

  15. sharonova says:

    Left looks proffesional

  16. the left–he looks more serious and his pose a little more confident

  17. geeske says:

    Left for me. On the right picture he looks a bit goofy (oenig/onhandig op z’n Nederlands) though it’s just a freeze of the moment, I’ll take that into account.

  18. They are both quite good so either will do. I prefer the RIGHT one as he looks very relaxed and open. In the left one he is looking out of the sides of his eyes and seems shy or hiding a bit.

  19. Left- good eye contact.

  20. ARvWD says:

    Left – he IS smiling. Right his expression looks a bit awkward, forced. A lawyer needs to be confident.

  21. Left looks more professional

  22. littlepinkdove says:

    Left. I would like my attorney to be serious, professional, smart, and approachable. The man on the right only looks approachable…

  23. mariannegv says:

    Left. He looks professional, intelligent and affable.

  24. Trifocal says:

    Depends what the charge is- I am assuming there would be a jury as well as a judge. For something a jury would think morally objectionable I would go for the man on the right. If it was something illegal but that a jury would not think really morally serious, the one on the left. If there is just a judge to try the case I would try to find out something about the judge before deciding 🙂

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