Bouche Rouge


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3 Responses to Bouche Rouge

  1. I get the message you are delivering here – and it’s a good photo. It is also one that disturbs me because the brush looks like a dagger or knife to me. But perhaps that is what makes it good art. Something that disturbs or challenges you.

    • ooggetuige says:

      You made a quite interesting remark. Could please expand on that?



      • I would be happy to!
        First of all I love the idea and imagery of the paintbrush and the red lips. And it could be read in a couple of different ways – the woman is a canvas and the makeup is her paint, the woman is an artist and the makeup is her art. But you also have the added concept and imagery of a “painted woman” and perhaps the idea has more negative connotations. I like that the feelings the viewer has about makeup can strongly influence the image.

        I like the composition of the shot, and I think the lighting is fantastic.

        The paintbrush – the shape and the metal of the base under the bristles – looks more like a dagger to me in shape. And as a result the red of the paint and lipstick takes on the imagery of blood.

        So the image takes on a challenging mode for me, and makes me slightly uncomfortable. Not in a “OH NO! I can’t stand to look at it!” kind of way. But more in the way that sometimes good art challenges you, makes you think about what you are seeing, what you believe, what you know to be true.

        I wanted to be careful and make it clear that I think it is good art – I also wanted to share what I see when I look at it.

        I would love to hear what your thoughts were when you took the shot, and if you look at your picture differently now.


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