Amanita Muscaria

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9 Responses to Amanita Muscaria

  1. ooggetuige says:

    When you like this photograph, why not share it on your social media? Come on, the facebook button is right op there……



  2. muratkazdal says:

    Good title; you made me lough…

  3. bluebrightly says:

    Knowing what Amanita muscaria is, and having seen a lot of amanitas around lately, this title really made me laugh. Her expression is interesting, too.

  4. Adam Isler says:

    Have you read “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross”? A scholar posits the idea that the New Testament is a red herring, drafted by a cult of Amanita Muscaria tea drinkers who wanted to throw the authorities off their trail.

    • ooggetuige says:

      I haven’t heard of that book.

      I’d imagine that since nobody believes that Christianity was actually conceived by Amanita Muscaria teadrinking redherring throwers it is prove that they were in fact quite successful indeed.

      It reminds me of some sect who believe everyone is telepathic. Because they wanted to keep telepathy for themselves,

      They practice it a lot and they sent out signals in to the world that telepathy doesn’t exist. Hence, nobody believes telepathic powers are genuine.

      As lawyer, I am quite fond of the examples of twisted logic.

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