Lady With Letter

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12 Responses to Lady With Letter

  1. ooggetuige says:

    If you like this photograph, please do press the Facebook button!!!!!

  2. karenlongden says:

    What a beautiful picture! it inspires an artist like me to grab a canvas! Just need a model and the right lighting and I would be all set. It’s gorgeous – thanks for sharing.

  3. eldinsmille says:

    Like Johannes Vermeer!

  4. Frank de Jol says:

    Excellent portrait

  5. Lovely use of blue…very nice!

  6. abu zar says:

    beautiful lighting….excellent mood and composition !

  7. All your photos are engaging to the point where they say, “Who are you looking at, and what have you got to say for yourself?” That’s vanishingly rare. These subjects aren’t subject to the tyranny of the camera.

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