La Maja

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15 Responses to La Maja

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Great picture! Looks very reminiscent of the flapper days in the 20’s amd 30’s.

  2. Mondrak says:

    WOW! Great photo with a stunning model.

  3. Her Eyes are stunning, very pretty picture.

  4. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger award and the Versatile Blogger award, just in case you wanted to know 😀

  5. Lissa Rabon says:

    lovely woman and lovely photo. Portraits are a challenge for me. Yours are brilliant.

  6. nikolakoydl says:

    EXCELLENT ! Nikola Koydl

  7. You’re a really good portraiture photographer. Congratulations !

  8. Beautiful woman. Beautiful shot.

  9. bainsey says:

    I have to agree with Jeni Johnson, a very nostalgic shot indeed.

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