One Eye is King

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12 Responses to One Eye is King

  1. ooggetuige says:

    If you like a photograph, please do share it on Facebook!

  2. melodylowes says:

    Your images are always so unusual! You sure have an eye for that creative edge shot…

    • ooggetuige says:

      Dear Melody,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment.

      What I lack in quality of my camera equipment I hope to make up by originality.



  3. ronahope says:

    Hi I’m Rona and I totally agree with u Melodylowes, u do have a creative eye. I would love to share some of your photos. Be looking forward to seeing others.

  4. seapunk2 says:

    This one frightens me.
    (I don’t have a FB account…)

  5. Jeni Johnson says:

    Now this is a brilliant photograph… 🙂

  6. lobophotography says:

    Absolutely marvelous idea! Great shot!

  7. Clever idea, I love it!

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