Prof. Dr. W. Otterspeer

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8 Responses to Prof. Dr. W. Otterspeer

  1. Richard Gill says:

    My wife was a fellow history student with Otterspeer. Is that a coincidence?

  2. Richard Gill says:

    Well, you studied history in Leiden which is (via my son, your fellow student) why I know you … and Otterspeer is nowadays a history professor in Leiden. So I guess not a strange coincidence at all.

    • ooggetuige says:

      Dear Richard,

      I am afraid that you think too highly of me. Far too highly. Unlike Paul I did not study history, but I (only) read law.

      I met Otterspeer via Leiden University Press. Currently I am making portraits of all their authors.

      Does this alter the coincidence?

      By the way, I found three films by Tarkovski today. I hope see them somewhere this week/weekend.

      Kind greetings,


      • Richard Gill says:


        Tarkowski: my order of recommendation would be: Mirror > Andrei Rublev > Stalker > Solaris > Ivan’s Childhood. I started watching Nostalghia but got a bit bored. Haven’t seen Sacrifice yet.

        Many people think that Mirror is the most beautiful film ever made. It is full of Vermeer and of Breughel (among many other things). I possibly agree with that judgement.

  3. followabbie says:

    Really nice image! Lots of nice images here.

  4. 5dvnosaheartvo1985 says:

    Reblogged this on Kristy Husk Pages.

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